Technologies used: Laravel, HTML, CSS, jQuery, Stripe, Bootstrap,

Dec 1, 2015

Isentia wished to take their social media seminars off EventBrite and move them to a custom built site that could be branded appropriately.

The site also needed a backend where an administrator could log in, upload courses, assign those courses topics, downloaded brochures, discount codes, store attendee details, transaction history and create attendance reports that could be exported to CSV.

I built the website originally in Laravel 4 to achieve the above requirements, but more recently refreshed it to Laravel 5 and rebuilt the backend scaffolding in Twitter bootstrap. As the site would be handed over to another team of developers I wanted to actually utilise as much common boilerplate code as possible for easy maintenance and extending of the code base.

To handle payments, I utilised stripe.js, originally just hooking into their API and some months later, changing that to use their embedded checkout form.

Other APIs that website uses is Saleforce's Pardot API which is used by functionality in the backend where an administrator can store all attendees in the system into Pardot as prospects.

The biggest challenge of the website was creating an intuitive front end that would guide clients through the purchasing process of a course, with options to add / remove extra attendees, add more courses, use discount codes etc. Extensive user testing and formulative testing was done to achieve this and ensure that users were aware of what to do at all times as much as possible.

screenshot of Screen is of a course information page.Screenshot of the homepage.screenshot of booking pagescreenshot of the administration area.screenshot of the 'Add New Course' sectionScreenshot of the 'Create new Report' section