Technologies used: HTML, CSS, jQuery, Wordpress,

Dec 2, 2015

Womanwithdrive.com is part of the Porsche brand and needed a website refresh. The site was already built in Wordpress and was to remain there, however the original site layout was confusing and didn’t have a clear path for users to follow.

I built a custom Wordpress theme for the site with the using _s as boilerplate.  

The site for the most part was a conventional Wordpress build, however the client also needed to send out regular custom EDMs based on recent articles on the website. I wrote a program that would generate HTML files as Custom Post Types in the backend of the Wordpress site, which would be based upon recent articles or articles of the administrator's choosing. The administrator could select some articles, and the site would build the HTML needed for the EDM, which the admin could then just export and upload directly into Campaign Monitor.

Screenshot of the womanwithdrive.com homepage

Screenshot of a womanwithdrive.com article page. Article is 'Give your Body a New Year Break'Screenshot of the womanwithdrive.com subscription pageScreenshot of the womanwithdrive EDM creator tool